Butt in seat: 0505

Word count: N/A

Focus: Research

As I mentioned yesterday, it is painfully obvious that I need to do more research.  So, I spent most of today reading through various sites related to pre-colonial Pokanoket culture and history.  Not surprisingly, the events sketched out in the current draft need reworked to improve their historical accuracy.  As it now stands, I’ve put both Epenow and Pechmo in the wrong geographical locations!  Moreover, I could not find any historical equivalent to the pneise trials and winter relocation practices described in the current draft.  While those ideas may be consistent with a general (mis?)understanding of Native American culture, I should be more careful to avoid such generalities.  So, my intent is to tie the early events in this story to actual historical practices of the Pokanoket tribes on Noepe (Martha’s Vineyard).

My short term plan will be to continue researching while sketching out key dialogue and action scenes that occur after Epenow’s capture with an eye towards amassing the research and story skeleton necessary for a productive NaNoWriMo in November.


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