Butt in seat: 0358 (The dog woke me up early).

Word count: N/A

Focus: World-building and plotting; prep for NaNoWriMo

Comment: Despite waking early, thanks to the furry beast that wouldn’t settle back down, I had a hard time ramping up to work this morning.  I found myself floating around the internets instead of writing.  Perhaps this is because I did not have a specific writing goal for today.  Wing-it = surf’s up?  So, I decided that I needed to come up with a production schedule.  I started to sketch out the schedule but it isn’t settled quite yet (and hence won’t yet be posted here).  I also spent about an hour and half world-building and plotting.  Right now, the game isn’t about word production, it’s about prepping for maximum productivity during NaNoWriMo.


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