Since I already had the beats written before launching this site, most of today involved trying to figure out the Scrivener-to-Wordpress transition.  I’d say it was moderately successful; the story beats are now imported as a project here.

I also want to briefly discuss the advantage of the split screen option within Scrivener when going from the outline to the beats.  Like I did for the outline, I set up a Beats folder within the Research tab.


Then I used the Scrivener split screen option to divide the working pane between the Outline and Beats folders.  (Red Arrow in image below).


When you first split the screen, it will default to the corkboard interface.  I prefer the multi-file interface (red arrow below), so that I can see multiple scenes at once.


I’ve found that I prefer to keep the documents that I’m working on in the middle of the screen and the reference material on the right.  But, that’s probably just a personal preference.

I use the same strategy to move from beats to scenes, which I’ll start posting soon.

Check out the story beats here.