Butt in seat: 0446

Word count: 382

Focus: Plotting/world-building/research/experimental intros

Comment: This is probably the case with most novels, but I feel like the beginning is, by far, the hardest part of this story.  My goal is to create a world based on what we know about pre-colonial Native American society that could just as easily be a dystopian future.  I feel like I’m honing in that in terms of style and tone.  Getting closer to where I need to be for NaNoWriMo.


Butt in seat: 0458.

word count: 355.

Major focus: Change tense and flesh out opening scene.  Find the text here.


I’m struggling to find the right voice and tense for this story.  Right now, I’m thinking that first person will allow a more intimate exploration of what Epenow experiences throughout the story, even if it does limit exposition with respect to factors outside of Epenow’s immediate knowledge.  I’m going to stick with this throughout act 1 and then re-evaluate the choice somewhere near the beginning of act 2.

Again, the Scrivener split screen proved extremely useful as I went from beats to scene.